Britney Spears Is a Gothic Liar in Search of a Good Astringent Toner

‘I like a kind of gothic look in most situations.’

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is, like myself, a creature of the night, consumed by darkness, born with a heart the color of Onyx (Hotel).

But more on that in just a sec!

Whilst in the middle of sneaking away to the Philippines Europe this summer to put her hair up into a pony in front of audiences yelling “WHO IS IT?” at her all over the continent – with Pitbull opening for her while holding their collaboration hostage for an indeterminate amount of time despite this being the perfect opportunity to drop a song while on the road together – B-Girl graciously gave Vogue UK an interview on Tuesday (August 7).

It’s about Prerogative, her gender-cancelling fragrance. And also makeup, skincare and fitness.

I can only assume she must have missed the interviewer’s final question(s) regarding music, like the whereabouts of that Pitbull collaboration, or whatever the hell happened to the music she made with Matthew Koma before Glory, but, you know…beauty tips are fine too.

As per usual, Brit enjoys being a little li-yah whenever she has to interface with the media (or mere mortals in general), including this gem:

I haven’t put out a fragrance in a very, very long time and I wanted to do something different.


Less is more. I don’t really like a lot of make-up. I have to do that for my show, for presentation, but in my day-to-day life I’m a T-shirt kind of girl.

Britney Spears Fashion Show GIF

And decipher this one as you will:

I like to use mascara, but for a show I’ll darken it up. I think it’s fun to use different pale shades and pinks in eyeshadows. I like a kind of gothic look in most situations but I think it’s better to use light colours to open up your eyes.

Britney Spears Fantasy Twist

A gothic look in most situations, but lighter is better. But also make it darker for the show? She’s throwing us all off her trail. She’ll never reveal her truth, nor could we ever handle it.

There’s only one thing to take from this Gothney talk: it’s finally time for a duets album with Evanescence‘s Amy Lee. Do you hear it? Hop in a time machine back to 2003 – it’s “Shadow”/”Everytime” meets “My Immortal”/”Bring Me To Life.” I’m fully onboard.

There’s not a ton more to glean from the Vogue UK feature – unless you might be able to help her out with a suggestion for an astringent toner that pairs well with La Mer, which you may be qualified to provide! – but be sure to check it out, anyway.

Traveling, endless residencies and ever-expanding fragrance empires: this is how we roll now.

See you all at Piece Of Me 2: More Pieces, More Me in 2019.

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