Kelly Rowland Crazy

“Crazy”: Kelly Rowland, Our Commander, Returns to the Dance Floor

Ms. Kelly’s in a disco state of mind.

“Love me, touch me, baby / Hug me, fuck me crazy / Make me crazy for you…”

It’s a blessed day to be a Rowland Stone. (Every day is a blessed day to be a Rowland Stone.)

Kelendria Rowland is back at it this year, now pregnant (congratulations, Kelly!), and this time around, she’s hitting the dance floor once again.

She did pledge to be our Commander from here on out, after all.

The “Kisses Down Low” enthusiast returned on Wednesday (October 14) with “Crazy,” a follow-up to her delightfully horny ode to morning sex “Coffee” released in April, and this time, she’s turning up the BPM and delivering a dazzling, disco-inspired moment.

It’s been a minute since Kelly’s given us something as straightforward dance: for years, that was her sweet spot – “Work,” “When Love Takes Over,” “Commander,” Here I Am – before chilling down into an icy-smooth R&B groove. And it’s nice to hear that she’s ready to turn it up (REFERENCE) again.

Upon first listen, plenty of fans likened the Ricky Reed-produced, bass-thumping uptempo offering to that of Queen Donna Summer (who, for the record, Kelly was born to play in a biopic one day). That artwork is also giving some Kelis Flesh Tone vibes. And, not to keep all the comparisons coming, but it also feels like she’s giving a loving lyrical nod to her fellow Child in Destiny, Beyoncé, right off the top of the track (The Carters‘ “Apeshit”) before shuffling out onto the dance floor.

Ms. Kelly is a vers queen for sure, capable of tackling any genre she pleases, but she always sounds fabulous when she’s delivering another ditty for the discotheque. She’s also deliciously outspoken, only continuing to give away her remaining last few fucks, resulting in more and more confident, blunt lyricism over the years.

Break up, make up, relationship shaky / Hate you, love you, fuck you, pay me,” she commands.

With any luck, the one-two punch of “Coffee” and “Crazy” is an indication that a formal solo album is on the way soon from Kelly. It’s been seven years (!) since Talk a Good Game, after all.

Destiny’s Child’s The Writing’s on the Wall was released as a Limited 2XLP in honor of its 20th anniversary.

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