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‘Santería’: Lola Índigo, Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal Take Over the Globe

The girls are taking over: Spain, Mexico and Chile unite in a fiery, fierce cross-cultural collaboration.

Sisters are doing it for themselves in 2020, and we’re all truly so lucky to be experiencing this ongoing pop culture moment of powerful women teaming up and taking over in the middle of such an otherwise bleak cultural landscape.

From Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga‘s “Rain on Me” to Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B‘s “WAP” to Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK‘s “Ice Cream,” the girls are seriously giving it to us – and that reach is further extending outward on a global level.

Spain’s fast-rising “Ya No Quiero Ná” singer Lola Índigo joined forces with Mexico’s TV child actress-turned-superstar Danna Paola (of Élite fame, more recently) and Chilean actress and Cambio de Piel singer Denise Rosenthal for a massive cross-cultural collaboration called “Santería,” released on Friday (August 28), which was produced by Nábalez and Mango.

Much like the Planeteers, the women represent the different elements in the accompanying music video: Lola’s holding down water, her dancers are Earth, Denise is wind, and Danna is fire.

The visual finds each of the girls representing their respective cultures with fierce looks: Lola in Andalucía surrounded by Mudéjar architecture, Denise in the mountains of The Andes, and Danna striking a pose next to skulls and candles in keeping with Mexican tradition, via 20minutos.

The powerful presence of the trio is further accentuated by the empowering lyricism (and Lola’s impressive choreography!), as they take hold of their crowns and set a former flame’s heart ablaze without even a shred of mercy: “No soy emperadora, pero la corona e’ mía,” Lola declares. “Tengo el mando y tú no lo sabía’ / Yo ganando y tú te lo perdía’.” (“I have the power and you didn’t know it / I won and you lost it.“)

“Producir ha sido muy sencillo, las tres tenemos las riendas de nuestros proyectos y muy buena sintonía, así que todo ha fluido natural y entre amigas, que es como debería ser siempre,” Lola said which, if my Spanish skills are still working properly, means “Producing has been very easy, the three of us take the reigns of our projects and are in very good harmony, so everything has flowed naturally and as friends, like it should always be.” (Please school me in the comments if I’m off.)

Social distancing may have kept these three queens apart, but they still managed to deliver an absolute smash, united in spirit. This is exactly the kind of powerful girl group energy we needed to push through these most trying of times. ¡Viva Loladannise!

Danna Paola’s Sie7e is also available in CD form.

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