Kylie Minogue once said: “I don’t believe that magic is only in the mind.” And, guess what? She wasn’t kidding.

“Magic” isn’t only in her mind anymore: it’s also the official second single off of the “Chocolate (Emo Mix)” chanteuse’s forthcoming “grown-up disco” studio album, Disco, due out in November.

“I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I can finally announce that my next single is called #MAGIC ✨ and it’s coming out this Thursday!,” Kylie declared on social media on Monday (September 21), along with revealing the accompanying single art for “Magic,” which is, well…some aesthetic choices are certainly being made throughout this era, I’ll just say (something) that much.

“Magic” follows the release of her intergalactic dream of being less socially distanced, “Say Something.” Perhaps it’s inspired by Olivia Newton-John‘s own “Magic”? It would certainly speak to the sound of the current era. That, or it’s an homage to Girls Aloud‘s “It’s Magic.”

Silly pop daydreaming aside, early forum clamoring and fan rumors suggest that the song actually recalls Katy Perry‘s “‘Chained to the Rhythm’ with a disco spin, but a bit more upbeat and a super catchy hook,” and that it is “what a lot of fans have been waiting for.”

We shall soon see.

And that’s not all: Miss Minogue recently let spill during a conversation with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM that the music video for “Magic” is already in the can.

Hold on tight to your wands, everyone: it’s magic season.

Disco is being released on November 6, and is available in CD and vinyl formats.

Photo credit: @KylieMinogue