Kylie Minogue Disco

Kylie Minogue Just Shot the Video For Her Second ‘Disco’ Single

Kylie Minogue calls into SiriusXM and talks ‘Disco,’ Madonna and Single No. 2.

Kylie Minogue is preparing to Disco down (REFERENCE) once again.

Following the release of her wistful, socially distanced “Say Something,” our Mighty Aphrodite made a surprise phone call into Andy Cohen Live on Sirius XM on Monday (September 14), where she ever-so-briefly teased what’s to come from her November record.

During the chat with Andy Cohen, Kylie explained that the Disco process began last year.

“I started last year – late last year, and went to Australia for Christmas, came back, continued working on the album. I was in the studio every day until the doors closed, basically. And then I was home. I managed to get the equipment I needed to set up a studio – it makes it sound quite grand, AKA my lounge room. We finished writing and recording the album at home, remotely, with my team players,” she explained.

They also discussed Andy’s Christmas party, where she apparently had food ordered (“I have to eat regularly – I’m like a sparrow”), as well as the enduring legacy of “The Loco-Motion,” and how it unintentionally predicted the Disco era.

“I’ve done it in every possible form. Actually, tellingly, the last version of it was a disco version, and it was basically my musical producer found this version that was done at Studio 54. It was absolutely perfect for the Studio 54 section of my tour in 2018, my Golden Tour. Who knew that existed? That’s the way I’ve performed it most recently,” she said.

Being that this was an Andy Cohen interview, a known Little Madonnster, Madonna‘s name naturally made its way into the conversation, as he asked whether the two have ever had a serious meeting of the minds.

“We haven’t,” she said.

“There’s one hilarious picture from the Met Ball, maybe five years ago or so, where I went to say hello to her and we had a brief chat. I think it’s her boyfriend at the time blocking me out, so the fans are going nuts, like ‘This is the only moment we could see the two together!'” she laughed.

“I’ve long said it’d be great to do something with Madonna. I was 14, 15 dancing around my bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, and she was like a rocket ship. She’s awesome, but that has not happened.”

And here is the moment we could have seen the two together. Get it together, Brahim.

Andy and Kylie also talked Kath & Kim, as well as the probability of hearing unreleased music recorded with Jake Shears.

“Probably. And if he sits the send button without telling me, he’ll be in so much trouble,” she teased.

“I’ve kind of lost track of what we did, because we were supposed to write together for this album. I had a writing trip to LA planned in March, so of course that was canceled. Otherwise there may have been another Jake Shears collab with me, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. He’s so gold. I think he’s a fantastic writer, performer and he’s got that singular quality that we miss. I for one wouldn’t be mad at a Scissor Sisters reunion.” I concur!

Kylie also admitted she hadn’t been listening to much new music at the moment: “I was so locked into my own project,” she said.

“But I do – the big hitters at the moment – like Dua and Miley, I just think they’re awesome. Really, really great,” she said. (The stans are already shouting at them all to collaborate.)

And finally, at the tail-end of their quick talk, Kylie provided the teeniest of scoops to tide us over until November: there is a second single ahead of the album, and the music video’s already in the can.

“Yes. I shot the video for the second single just a week ago,” she confirmed.

More Disco is most certainly the motivation needed to get through the rest of this week – especially knowing there’s a Jimmy Fallon appearance coming on Wednesday (September 16). The more Minogue, the merrier.

Disco arrives on November 6.

Photo credit: @KylieMinogue

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