Madonna is doing some spelunking into the deep caverns of her own discography.

Having already gone live on Instagram for over an hour on Thursday night (September 10) to provide fans with some titillating tidbits about her upcoming biopic with Diablo Cody (who remains chained to Madonna’s white couch and frequently bullied for her fashion choices), the “I’m Going Bananas” superstar is now going deeper and deeper (REFERENCE) into the vaults for research.

On Monday (September 14), the artist formerly known as M-Dolla posted a video of herself pressing play on a RadioShack tape player, allowing fans to get a muffled taste of one of her earliest recordings.

“Early days……..First Demo’s. 🎼📻🎼📻 #research #screenplay,” she captioned the post, which featured flashes of tapes labeled “Breakfast Club” (her first band before Emmy and The Emmys), a tape that reads “Happy Birthday Madonna on Your Day,” Morrissey‘s solo debut Viva Hate, one that says “Pretty R&B” with Bray (AKA Stephen Bray, her early constant collaborator), and one that says “MARTIN,” surely meant for Martin Burgoyne, her best friend who she lost in AIDS.

While Madonna’s persistent (over)sharing of the movie’s screenplay writing process on Instagram is still a, um, potentially hazardous part of this whole project, this brief taste of unreleased musical riches at her disposal is enough to put any diehard fan over the edge with possibility. Could she polish off any of the tracks for the film? Or release an entire The Rarities-like collection of bits and pieces from The Early Years? Will she be inspired after hearing the earliest versions of herself and go full-on punk for the next album? It’s all too much to consider.

Nothing leaks the past demos away like the future, nothing makes the darkness go like the light…