“Go on, go on, leave me breathless…”

If you were lucky enough to catch Caroline Polachek out on the road promoting her fantastic 2019 solo debut Pang pre-pandemic, you’ll no doubt recall her casually slipping in a cover of The Corrs‘ 2000 smash “Breathless” midway through her set.

At long last, she’s gone on and given us the studio version of her cover of the classic tune on Thursday (December 17), produced by collaborator Danny L Harle.

The stuttering and celestial track reliably throws in the PC Music-adjacent tripping bells and dooming whistles, while still retaining the essence of the Irish troupe’s God-tier pop track, blasting off into Charli XCX-like overdrive at one point before returning us back to Earth – or somewhere sort of nearby, anyway.

The cover is part of Standing At The Gate: Remix Collection, a deluxe remix vinyl pressed on limited 12″ grey vinyl dropping this April, featuring the previously released A.G. Cook remix of “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” and alternate versions of Pang‘s “New Normal” and “Parachute.”

From the meditative 10-minute extended mix of “The Gate” to the remixes and this cover, the Pang universe continues to expand. And to that, I say: go on, go on.

Standing At The Gate: Remix Collection will be released on April 16, 2021.

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Photo credit: Karolis Kaminskas