Kylie Minogue At Home Troye Sivan

Kylie Minogue Covers Troye Sivan’s “Cool”

This is fighting for Australian gay rights.

Do you hear it? Somewhere, Troye Sivan is softly weeping.

Our beloved Kylie Minogue is just days away from releasing her 15th studio album, Disco – but she’s taken the time to step inside her at-home recording studio for a very special rendition of her singles “Say Something” and “Magic” – as well as the 25-year-old singer’s song “Cool,” entirely out of nowhere.

As part of the Apple Music at Home With Sessions, Kylie provided a stripped-down, piano-led take on the moody album track from Troye’s 2015 debut studio album, Blue Neighbourhood. That’s right: not even a single. Quite literally: “what am I supposed to do?

It’s beautiful – because of course it is – and such a delightfully unexpected selection. That dramatic spoken word ending. This…this was fighting for (Australian) gay rights.

“‘Cool’ was a fun song to write. Alex [Hope] and I were in the studio in LA talking about how LA made us want to smoke and drink and be out all the time. The lyrics are really tongue in cheek. I just hope no one takes it too seriously, because there’s an underlying emptiness and tragedy behind all these fancy things I’m talking about,” Troye previously said of writing the song.

Will she whip this one out during Infinite Disco? We’ll find out soon enough. (Click here if you don’t have Apple Music to listen.)

Disco is being released on November 6, and is available in CD and vinyl formats.

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