Mariah Carey Christmas Teaser

Mariah Carey Might Be Having a Sweetener Moment of Spotlight Whatever

MC is teasing something Christmas-related, with some very interesting other initials…

Mariah Carey is having another moment – and this time, it’s getting festive. (Again.)

The Indisputable Queen of Christmas, Ruler of Rarities and Veritable Vinyl Vendor decided to throw the Lambily into yet another tizzy in 2020 (and quite possibly the Arianators and the Little Spotlights, too) in the form of a simple, effective, panic-inducing teaser photo of three directors chairs on the set of an upcoming project.

“🎄,” she simply captioned the photo posted on Friday afternoon (October 9), which featured three chairs: one for “AG,” one for “MC,” and one for “JH.”

Assuming MC belongs to the Imperfect Angel herself (“Will the real MC please step to the mic?”), that leaves it to AG and JH – and the fans are already, loudly, guessing two names: Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

If proven true, of course, this 2020 VH1 Divas Live-esque affair would create a seismic shift, tearing a hole in the time-space continuum that could quite possibly fling us into the parallel universe and right all the wrongs of the past year – the same parallel universe we thought we’d get flung into after her rightful crowning at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Of course, we don’t know for a fact that it’s really Ari and J-Hud just yet. Perhaps it’s Al Gore and Josh Hutcherson? Or Ashley Greene and Jon Hamm?

But it would make sense to be the Christmas & Chill pop princess and the Academy Award-winning American Idol alum, given that they are two worthy vocal powerhouses in their own right. And given the (largely media-fueled) “beef” between Ariana and Mariah at the beginning of Ariana’s music career, a candy cane-shaped olive branch would truly be a wonderful way to publicly patch things up.

Plus, this has truly been a sensational year for female collaborations across the pop spectrum, and a massive collaboration like this could be the mistletoe on top to save this Christmas season.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what else Mariah posts on her Instagram – and stay reading (and/or listening to) The Meaning of Mariah Carey in the meantime, too.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey

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