Mandy Moore and Kelly Clarkson Team Up Down Under

In a somewhat unexpected decision, Kelly Clarkson will be touring with fellow singer, Mandy Moore during the Australian leg of her My December tour. I can't say I saw that coming, but I can see it working pretty nicely...besides, Australia gets a bit shafted in the whole "touring" aspect of the music industry. Kelly could share some vocal tips with Mandy, and Mandy some helpful lyric skills to Kelly. Preferably the kind that don't deal with revenge-sought sorrow over a cheating lover. I love you Kelly, but for God's sake, we get it. He did you wrong. I'm ready to move on.

And before you roll your eyes at Mandy, listen to her latest release, Wild Hope from 2007, featuring co-written tracks with writers like Michelle Branch, Rachael Yamagata, and The Weepies. Who knew there was an authentic little indie-folk crooner hiding beneath that manufactured shell? Watch her performance of her single, "Nothing That You Are," from Yahoo Music:

Read on for the tour date locations!
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Tour Dates/Info as announced:

March 3rd - Adelaide, SA - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

March 4th - Molbourne, Victoria - Rod Laver Arena

March 6th - Sydney, NSW - Sydney Entertainment Centre

March 8th - Broadmeadow, NSW - Newcastle Entertainment Centre

March 9th - Boondall, QLD - Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Daily B: Let Her Be, Please.

This is Britney, out shopping with user-paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan.

It's more difficult than usual to watch this particular video, posted by Hollywood TV. Like most of their videos, Britney is scrutinized, screamed at, and followed throughout the day by roughly twenty or thirty photographers. Yet unlike most, she's not basking in the attention this time. At all. In fact, by the four minute mark, she's visibly upset and screaming at them to give her space. More unfortunately however, her pleas are made using her now signature British accent, making it even more clear that she is suffering from complete mental instability. It's silly in some respects to hear her talk in this way, but the reality is frightening: It proves that she's no longer switching out of character for fun; she has become this fantasized persona. We all know where this is heading, and it's anywhere but up. I can't say it enough: I know she's not perfect, I know she's merited some of the blame for this downfall...but we should not kick someone when they are unable to understand the difference between reality and fantasy right now. It's not fair.

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It's Bradley, Bitch.

Don't call the search crews out just yet everyone, I have returned. I've moved back into my college dorm. Naturally, I'm making the most out of my first day back by staying locked in my cold, dark room, browsing the music blogs and checking the gossip forums for any new juicy tidbits.

I'm just kidding. I have the lights on.

So what have I come up with in my Internet journey? Not much. The biggest news is that Christina Aguilera pushed out a Max Liron Bratman from her Lady Marmalade yesterday. Yes, I know it's the name of her child. But doesn't it sound more like a little Kosher beef weiner? The name "Max" stands for "greatest" in Hebrew, and "Liron," for "my song." Being the good Jewish boy that I am, I had absolutely no guess as to the meaning of either of those words. Instead, I relied upon Perez's inevitably incorrect translation. Put them together, and Max Liron means "my greatest song." I won't dispute that; I can't think of a Christina Aguilera song that would be considered great. Or good. Or tolerable. I kid. A little. Congratulations!

OH, and I found the new single by U.K. hip-hop artist, Estelle, featuring modest rapper, Kanye West. Bouncing merrily around a minimal, buzzing electro-beat, Estelle goes simply goo-goo about the lavish American lifestyle. What can I say? We're just an elitist bunch of fancy pants. Most times during the song, I think that Kanye and Estelle are just engaging in a conversation, and the microphone just happened to be recording at the time. Give it a go here:

DL: Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy

That's kind of it. There were some pictures of celebrities looking awful and music that didn't matter. Tomorrow is the big snowstorm here in the Northeast, so I'll inevitably be forced to update in nauseating frequency.

Anytits, I bought a crisp 12" vinyl copy of Barbra Streisand's soundtrack to "Yentl" for a mere 99 cents at the local Goodwill, and I'm simply bursting with enthusiasm to hide it in the pillows of unsuspecting friends returning back to campus.

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Gimme That

Not that I'm one to beat a dead performance, but new details have been revealed regarding the actual nature of the planned "Gimme More" performance, told by Criss Angel himself. It essentially involved Britney splitting into several Britneys, turning into birds, floating, and reappearing into the audience. Seems Ms. Thang didn't want to rehearse. Read the full interview at JustJared.

While this could be a ranting, raving bash-fest, criticizing her for being too lazy and unmotivated, I believe it would be rather tasteless considering the revelations regarding her mental health during this time. Instead, consider this post as closure to the question of what could have happened that night.

And you, what do you think?

Jumping Into Pools With Yo Clothes On

Finally, our prayers have been answered. New Alanis!

It's called "Underneath," and it's quite nice. In fact, it sounds a bit "classic Alanis," if you will. The video is nice and deep, plagued with metaphorical situations that I don't understand. That's because Alanis is too deep for you. How deep is she now? Pool deep. Therefore, this video is deeper than you will ever grasp, dear reader(s). Especially because in this very video, she challenges the modern conceptions of the household umbrella. In today's world, it's all about inviting someone to merely "stand" under one's umbrella. Alanis doesn't give a shit about that. Here, she's boldly brings an umbrella where no umbrella has gone before: UNDER. WATER. That's so Alanis. Now go ahead and eat your heart out, Rihanna.

I highly recommend watching this at once, or just downloading from the link below. The song makes me really excited for the release of her new album, Flavors of Entanglement.

DL: Alanis Morrisette - Underneath

Source: [email protected] Matters Forum
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Everything I Love

I'm on an Utada kick, so I thought I'd feature Utada's arguably finest work ever, "Kremlin Dusk." The song was constructed with the Mars Volta's drummer, Jon Theodore, who does a superb job. Of course, as with every other song on the album, Utada produced and programmed the entire song. The lyrics go beyond what she's ever done; they borrow from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," to begin with, and then continue upward. Some may argue that it's about the conflicts of sexuality, others say it's an inward battle with a lost love, and still others have their own unique spins on the subjects brought up in the song. The song itself is quite a production. It slowly builds, maintaining its anger, until the final moments of uncontrollable emotion. Her vocals are pushed to the test in this song; everything is featured, from the most fragile high notes she could possibly emit, to the screaming anger of the chorus, it's a perfect showcase of her talent. As I've said, her voice is unique, and her vibrato is known to annoy non-fans. But I think her fragility is what I like the most; it sounds broken and beautiful. Don't miss this most excellent song:

DL: Utada - Kremlin Dusk

Her live performance from Utada United 2006 gives me chills every time I see it. The full Utada set included three English songs, "Devil Inside," "Kremlin Dusk," and "You Make Me Want To Be A Man." It's one of the first times the public was able to hear her sing this song live. And trust me, Utada goes all out. It's the most emotionally charged, electrifying performances I've ever seen. The mood is haunting, the lights are entrancing, and most importantly, she is completely in the moment. The cinematography perfectly captures the experience. By "You Make Me Want To Be A Man," there's no doubt that when she begins howling along with the music at the three minute mark that this is one of her finest moments. Her voice isn't for everyone, and neither is the music, but it's damn near perfection to me. Full screen the video, turn off the lights, and tell me it's not awesome to watch these songs unfold. If you have to see any of them, watch the last ("You Make Me Want To Be A Man"):

And you, what do you think?

East Meets West

Slow news day. No new music, either. That's to be is the weekend after all. I don't have anything of value to say, so I'll refer you to the music I've been listening to today: UTADA. Her english releases, I mean. Utada's English career is a sore subject for most fans; some people love the work, and some choose to ignore her attempts to break into the English market. Myself? I find it to be some of her greatest achievements. Right now I'm jamming to the remixes on her singles.

I remember how shocking it was to stumble onto "Easy Breezy," Utada's first major English music video, directed by Jake Nava. For one thing, she was wearing lipstick and her lady parts were a bit exposed. I was appalled. However, I waited for the album, and found it to be the best thing since sliced bread. She looks so unbelievably good in the video though, I think it's worth posting:

Additionally, the remixes of "Devil Inside" and "Exodus '04" (released in '05) are pretty amazing. The Richard Vission edit of "Devil Inside" was featured on the Queer As Folk season premiere that year, and both songs were in the Hot 100 U.S. Dance billboards. "You Make Me Want To Be A Man" was released in Europe only, but that didn't stop me from importing the CD and vinyl. I cannot be stopped by mere geography.

Here are a couple favorites:

DL: Utada - Devil Inside (Richard Vission Radio Edit)
DL: Utada - Exodus '04(Josh Harris vs. The MPC Radio)
DL: Utada - You Make Me Want To Be A Man (Bloodshy & Avant Mix)

Please remember to buy one of my favorite albums of all time, Utada's Exodusat Amazon.

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Daily B: Derriere To Be In Magazines

According to some especially juicy news from X17Online, Britney is confirmed to be on the cover of both Rolling Stone on Blender. Regarding the pictures, they had this to say:

Remember, people -- a mag can do a cover on someone without doing a photo shoot with them. It remains to be seen whether Blender or Rolling Stone got new pix of Brit for their cover.

I bet they're going to compile several paparazzi agency's pictures and make some sort of a messy collage. Or they both use the CD cover picture that has been recycled about seventeen times in a row. :shudder:

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Yellow Jumpsuits

And here I was, thinking Kumi had been reforming her ways. As leader of the Coalition of All Things Asian, Smutty, & Slutty (CATASS for short), Koda Kumi is known for being atrociously over-sexualized in her videos. Whether it's giggling her fun bags, caressing her lady area, or utilizing a bottle in a particularly clever way, she always seems to keep it classy. And use whatever it takes to distract the viewer from the actual quality of the song. I like her integrity. The new PV for "Under" has just surfaced, and while it's a bit too boring (why is she not nude here, director?), the song is nice bit of downbeat hip-hop. Most people dislike her, so proceed cautiously.

DL: Koda Kumi - Under

And just for kicks, I defy you not to watch this clip for hours at a time. Note the resourceful way in which Kumi uses this woman's hand:


MP3 Source: [email protected] Forums
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It's A Baby, Part 1?

Congratulations to Nicole Ritchie, who birthed a bouncing baby girl named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. A mouthful, indeed. Totally in right now. Though, Winter Hawlow Madden would have been ten times the hotter name, no? I blame the post-pushing fatigue.

Christina, you're effing up. BIRTH FASTER. Don't make this inconvenient for the press, now.

Picture Source: People Magazine

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Sweet Jesus....

It's the Babypocalypse. According to TMZ, both Christina Aguilera AND Nicole Ritchie are currently heaving and ho'ing it up (see what I did there?) Hollywood is just reproducing in droves, aren't they? Squeeze ladies, squeeze!!! Well, not you Christina, I hear you've scheduled a C-section. Might bust a stitch.

Name guesses anyone?

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Bassmaster 5000

And then there was Basshunter's "Now You're Gone." In natural U.K. fashion, this blandly redundant song is pegged to beat Britney's more genius "Piece of Me" for the #1 chart spot. Despite consisting of only a chorus, repeated endlessly, you'll still want to do that punch-the-air, happy feet dance you always want to do when you hear the techno song playing at the club. Additionally, the single has inexplicably awful artwork, whereas the actual Basshunter is quite a stone fox. Note:

Listen to it if you must:

DL: Basshunter - Now You're Gone

I also JUST realized it's probably meant to be pronounced base hunter. Not bass, like the master of trout. Something to think about.

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