See Joe Jonas.

See Joe Jonas smolder.

Smolder, Joe Jonas. Smolder.

Above is the explosive new teaser trailer for my future husband (Meet me in NYC! It’s legal now!) Joe Jonas’ video for debut single, “See No More.”

As with this entire campaign thus far, JoeJoe–not to be confused with Queen JoJo–seems to be diving into the deeper end of the pool for his solo debut–moody, sexy, mysterious, angry, sexy, explosive. Oh, also: Sexy.

Watch a mysterious dark-haired woman stare blankly into the camera, an entire room erupts into flames–save the stiletto! It looks like a Jimmy Choo!–and of course, my main man staring intensely into the distance. I’m right here, baby!

The full clip will air on E! News on Wednesday, June 27th at 7 P.M. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to change my underwear.

“See No More” was released on June 13.