Go hop in your golden trucks, y’all: It’s September 17, which means it’s time for the next round of #PrismPromo.

As promised last month, “Roar” darling Katy Perry just premiered the second song off of Prismthe fan-selected “Dark Horse.” (Note: It’s not an official single.)

The finger-snapping, slow-staggering track sees Katy going Witchy Perry and casting some black magic on an unsuspecting fella: “So you wanna play with magic? / Boy, you should know whatcha falling for / Baby do you dare to do this? ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse,” she cries out.

The spooky track plays like Teenage Dream‘s “E.T.” — in the sense that it’s one of the darker moments of the album (blue wig-burning promos apply here!), complete with a deliciously trap-infused post-chorus beat. (TWERK, etc.) There’s also an assist by “Bandz A Make Her Dance” rapper Juicy J, which is decidedly “eh.” #SomethingMoreUrban, indeed.

“Dark Horse” was one of the (many) standouts from the Prism listening party last week — it remains a smash today. Are you ready for a perfect storm?

“Dark Horse” was released on September 17. (iTunes)