Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware Makes ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ Even More Pleasing

With a head of hair worthy of a ‘Drag Race’ runway, Jessie’s just spoiling us at this point.

Alright, she’s just spoiling us at this point.

After delivering one of this year’s top Album of the Year contenders thus far, What’s Your Pleasure?, followed by a slew of mostly dancer-helmed visuals for a majority of the album’s tracks, Jessie Ware‘s gone and decided to give us another music video for the title track – along with a tighter single edit that cuts right to the chase.

And this time, she’s joining in on the fun herself.

The Vicky Lawton-directed music video, like the Nicolas Huchard-led visual, once again leans in hard on the sexy, sophisticated, nocturnal nature of the killer dance floor cut.

This version finds our heroine in the mix with a bunch of club-ready dancers, and going in for the kill with some of her most daring looks to date – from a sexy “Oops!”-outfit-gone-black (which is to say, very Madonna‘s “Human Nature”), to a massive, RuPaul’s Drag Race wigs-on-wigs challenge-worthy head of hair. She’s also serving up choreography in a Sade-style ’80s moment – it’s all so chic, so right, and so on point with the mood of the music, and it’s a joy watching her continue to push herself to embody the disco diva of our dreams.

Jessie just keeps hitting the mark, pandemic be damned, with this album – and her efforts are not going unrecognized by the public, either: the album debuted at No. 3 in the UK, marking her highest charting to date. If you’ve somehow not yet sunk your teeth into the rest of the record, check out my full thoughts.

I know the way to make you happy.” You know what, Jessie? You’re not wrong.

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