Ariana Grande New Album AG6

Ariana Grande Casually Announces New Album (Coming This Month)

‘AG6’ is already upon us…in mere days.

Ariʸᵘʰna Grande is coming back…much sooner than you thought.

One year after the 27-year-old “Rain on Me” pint-sized ponytail powerhouse dropped her last studio album (thank u, next), Ari ever-so-casually revealed that not only does she have a new album ready to go, but it’s coming out…sometime later this month. (This month being October, the one that is already halfway over.)

To be fair, Ariana’s already explained in interviews and on social media that she’s not much of an “era” Main Pop Girl. Therefore, don’t expect any over-the-top fanfare when she’s finally ready to release something.

“i don’t really like ‘era’s’. i jus wanna make music and drop it whenever and perform it. i don’t want to conform to the like … ‘routine’ or like ‘formula’ anymore. i love music i ain’t waiting another 2 years to drop it. i want to share it w u when it’s freshhh,” she said.

Well, it’s officially fresh.

She also revealed she turned in mixes a week ago, and cruelly teased some audio-free behind-the-scenes production back in September. The signs of progress were all there!

Her collaborator Tayla Parx also helped to spill the beans regarding AG6 a few weeks ago, revealing that new music was on the way – not that anyone knew it was coming this soon.

“The ‘Thank U, Next’ crew did get back together over quarantine — after like, five COVID tests, literally. We just kind of let it happen naturally, same way as the last album,” she said.

No word on what to expect, nor what genre: is this Ariana’s Joanne era? (Joan, maybe?) Will she finally go Klezmer, perhaps? Or maybe this is her ’90s alternative rock foray, a la Mariah Carey?

Speaking of The Elusive Chanteuse, the timing of new music from Ariana also just happens to align suspiciously well with her possible appearance on Mimi’s superstar Christmas collaboration of some festive sort. Hmm. We’re watching you, AG…

And in case all that wasn’t already more than enough material for Frankie Grande‘s Instagram Stories for the next year or so, she’s also just been confirmed as a star in the upcoming Netflix ensemble comedy Don’t Look Up, featuring a seriously insane array of A-listers, from Meryl Streep to Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lawrence. When she flexed her acting chops the way she did on Scream Queens, who could be surprised that she’s now rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite?

Ari, you’re about to have a very busy 4Q and beyond. Just remember to keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’…

Yours Truly, My Everything and Dangerous Woman are now available on vinyl.

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