Lost Hope

Shockingly, Britney's lawyers have dropped her as a client, citing inability to communicate with their client after she failed to show up for a fifth time to defend herself as a mother for her children. According to TMZ, the lawyers representing Britney filed legal papers requesting to be relieved of their undoubtedly fruitless task. And these aren't the first lawyers to drop the case.

I guess I could say stop being such a fuck up, but it's pointless really. It hards to see her life going anywhere else but to the pages of the tabloids for the rest of her soon to be short-lived life, filled with drugs, sex, and incoherence. So much for a promising 2008. Even I can defend her no longer.

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Celine = Life.


Warning: You'll spit up. Even if you're not drinking anything. Proceed.

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An Artist To Watch: Niia Bertino

Wyclef's newest find, Niia, is featured in his latest single "Sweetest Girl." I knew her as the blonde in the back of the classroom playing the keyboard during those awkward MTV commercials. Little did I know she actually had quite a voice of her own. As Wyclef explains in his interview, she does sound a bit Nancy Sinatra, which is intriguing. I also found a song she had done with producer Tony Shimkin in 2007, called "Think Of You." It's currently featured on his Myspace.

Very enjoyable, definitely one to watch for this year!

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Alanis To Get Tangled Up

Rob Diament of Temposhark, writing for ArjanWrites, got to preview Alanis' new record, and compared the CD to that of Ray of Light by Madonna. If this as career-reviving and mind-blowingly inventive as he insists, this should be the one to look for in 2008!

Flavors of Entanglement is due out Spring 2008.

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Introduucing...Najoua Belyzel

You know those days where your contacts refuse to be put in easily? And you go to work all squintily and everyone thinks you're stoned because your eyes are so terribly blood-shot that you refuse to make eye contact and keep giggling at the word "Cheez-It's?" It's one of those days.

Also, it's one of those days where you've got Cher's "Believe" stuck in your head. It's a bad day.

That's why I'm doing one of those catch-up posts, and introducing another one of my favorites. Najoua Belyzel is a French artist that I discovered through the dearly missed blog, OxygenChunks. She sings in French (Wow!), and her voice is like an airier version of Alanis Morrisette.

Her second single, "Je Ferme Les Yeux," is the one I found first. I can't even explain how obsessed I was with this song. The dark beat is throbbing, yet the lyrics and woeful and forlorn. I love everything about this song, but it's distinctively Najoua's vocals that make the song sound so haunting.

"Gabriel," despite what both the lyrics and Najoua herself may suggest, is about the gays. The song, which was a hit with the gays, is a contemplation about a boy, featuring the lyrics "Are you made for him, or are you made for me?" Okay, so maybe there's some metaphoric biblical garble thrown in to the song, but at the end of the day, she's lusting after a mo, and she's pissed about it.

"Comme Toi," the third single, is a fun Irish-rock like driven song that is loads of fun to dramatically lip-synch to while in the dark recesses of your room.

Overall, Entre Deux Mondes is a beautiful album. I had it shipped over from France just so I could listen to the few tracks that I hadn't already heard, and I'm glad that I did. Each track is genuinely haunting. Sort of like when I heard t.A.T.u. for the first time. I highly suggest Najoua to those looking for some darker, haunting beats, woeful vocals, or becoming a snoot and listening to music that isn't from around here. I am eagerly awaiting her follow up album, due out later in 2008.

Songs will be uploaded later tonight. Enjoy the videos for now!

Please be sure to buy Najoua Belyzel's Entre Deux Mondes at Amazon.
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Tila Tequila Wants Another Shot

I'll give you a few moments to stare at them.

During her hosting gig on MTV's New Years Eve broadcast, Tila Tequila announced that was dumped by her soulmate Bobby and will seek a new boy or boy-ish girl in an upcoming season of A Shot at Love.

She's fucking up her Shot at Fame! Even though the show was hokey as hell to begin with, there was something endearing about its cheesiness as it unraveled. However, producing another ego-stroking romp confirms what we knew the show was all about: blatant self-promotion. Oh yeah, and continue to bury positive notions of bisexuality underneath piles of smut and Tila-isms like "I don't know if I like boys more or girls." Remember, she's a bisexual. That means she's confused!!1!

Considering all this, will I still watch? Oh GOD, for sure.

And you, what do you think?

This is a remake of Britney's Outrageous, by Sherlyn Chopra of Bollywood fame.


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Introducing Margaret Berger

While we're at it, I'll introduce a "new" artist of sorts. Not really new, but you probably haven't heard of her. If you have, pretend you haven't. Elitists have feelings too.

Margaret Berger, not-winner of the second season of Norweigan Idol is yet another one of those artists whose last name that makes you hungry. But besides that, she is a brilliantly good pop artist, producing hits such as "Will You Remember Me Tomorrow?" and "Samantha." Well, hits in Norway. It's hard to place her as far as sound. I would say she's the Norwegian Robyn.

Her first CD is wonderful, but her second is even better. Pretty Scary Silver Fairy is almost all killer, no filler. My personal favorite, "Robot Song," was being shopped around as a single the last time I checked. Artists these days sing about the same ol' shit: boy meets girl, drama ensues. But when's the last time you've heard an artist having an outspoken panic attack about coming out to parents about their very serious relationship with a robot? Artistry, ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention the very haunting, very 21st century, moaning chorus. It's sheer brilliance. I'll also post up "Both Sides," the wonderfully simple ballad from her first CD, and "Seek I'll Hide," the stomping, illicit, electro-sexer. That's a word somewhere.

DL: Margaret Berger - Robot Song
DL: Margaret Berger - Both Sides
DL: Margaret Berger - Seek I'll Hide

Please buy Margaret Berger's Pretty Scary Silver Fairy at Amazon.

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Put your thing on freaky mode.

I hope everyone's New Year was full of wonderful and exciting memories to last a lifetime. What? You did? Yes, I stayed in and had a "quiet night" too.

Anyway, my first post regards Kylie once again. (Sorry.)

Kylie's 'people' have been serving a Body Language reject, "Boombox," to tons of indie remixers, thereby making the song trendy and different. It's actually a lot of fun, and I'm surprised she recorded it when she did. It's very X era, and features lyrics about the life of being a boombox, and her desire to be filled with CD's. Or is it STD's? I can't recall. It's all the same. Anywho, no one has heard (yet) the Boombox original version, so here are a few fresh remixes. They vary from in-your-face, grinding electro (Big Face Party Marty mix) to glitzy & glammy (LA Riots Mix). Enjoy!

DL: Kylie Minogue - Boombox (LA Riots Remix)
DL: Kylie Minogue - Boombox (Big Face Party Marty Remix)
DL: Kylie Minogue - Boombox (Revolte Remix)

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A merry 2008 to you and yours!

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Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is fascinating. I wrote a college thesis on this woman. Except it had nothing to do with her. You see, Tila Tequila is not your standard Hollywood celebrity. If you didn't know, Tila Nguyen grew in fame from a good ol' grassroots campaign via Myspace, gradually becoming the most popular person (according to view and friend counts) on the website, and then developing modeling contracts with popular magazines such as Maxim. That's not what makes her interesting. Basically, and this will result in the loss of the few visitors I have (though I love you all so very dearly), Tila Tequila may be a representation of the future of Hollywood.

STOP SCOWLING FOR A MOMENT AND BREATHE YOU LOLLYGAGGER. I'm not trying to shower her in praise or say that she has the it-factor. Personally, I think she's just a cute girl with some distracting tattoos and a nice pair of hand-made chesticles. But Tila represents something bigger: the fact that today's me-culture can and does produce instant celebrity. Look at her, look at Chris Crocker, look at Perez Hilton. Self-made household names. It's an ode to the power of user-generated content on the Internet. And yes, I do think this will matter in the future. Sean Kingston ("Beautiful Girls")was discovered through Myspace, as was Lily Allen and Kate Nash. It's becoming too large to ignore. All that being said, Tila Tequila is PEOPLE!!!

As for a shot of reality, Tila's music is not groundbreaking or particularly inventive. Doesn't stop me from loving them though. Generally, the tracks are a varied fusion of hard rap and pop. "I Love U" is an infectiously over-the-top "hardcore" rap song about how much Tila loves you, and will also kill you. The song I wanted to display however, "Paralyze," is brilliant. It's a tiny gem amongst her other tracks. It's short, sweet, and pretty. You might know it, as it was played during the season finale of A Shot At Love. And yes, I know, Dani should have won, you're really clever and different for thinking that too.

Check out Tila Tequila's "Paralyze" on YouTube!

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Royksopp - The Understanding

For my final post of the night, I wanted to introduce one of my most cherished artists, Royksopp. The Norweigan duo, consisting of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Bergeare are currently working on their third album. Anyone have any news on its production state? Anyway. They are responsible for countless songs you know, love, and hate, depending upon the various commercials they've permeated. Most notably, they are responsible for one of the greatest CD's I've ever heard.

For me, it's a very personal experience to listen to The Understanding, most likely stemming from my own experiences that were interwoven within the initial playing period. The Understanding is terribly beautiful; it fluctuates from majestic, expansive instrumentals to frenetic, soul-searching melodies, yet manages to withhold a deep mystery and lonesomeness that demands to be revisited time and time again.

"Only This Moment" is arguably my favorite track off of the album. It's completely personal, though the initial beats may deem it as otherwise. The haunting lyrics are encompassing. The layers of sound allow the song to be enshrouded with the longing feeling detailed within the lyrics. Not to mention its the haunting voice of Miss. Kate Havnevik! And, it's got my favorite lyrics of all time: "Voices within me mix reason with lust / But I'll try to accept it and not make it worse / 'Cause I know I might lose it by taking the chance / But love without pain isn't really romance." So ethereal and beautiful. It's an absolute must.

But the album continues to be eclectic. "99 Percent" is a seductive trip-hop rap, while "What Else is There?" featuring The Knife's lead singer Karin, and so much more. There really are no dull tracks on the album. It is rich in its entirety, and I recommend it to any and all who are looking for a deeper experience through electronica.

DL: Royksopp - Only This Moment
DL: Royksopp - Follow My Ruin
DL: Royksopp - What Else Is There?

PLEASE be sure to buy The Understanding by Royksopp at Amazon.

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