Hikaru Utada Drops a Fan Demanded Live Compilation

Hikki puts together some of her live moments – fan demanded.

Where would we be as a society had Hilary Duff not released the “Fan Demanded Version” of can’t-believe-the-gays-let-this-one-flop anthem “Sparks”? Certainly not getting our demands heard, that’s for damn sure.

And while Hikaru Utada‘s own team isn’t exactly notorious for giving the fans much say in output of the “Hikari” legend herself, they did do us a solid with a little quarantine treat to tide us over in the form of HIKARU UTADA Live TOP FAN PICKS, an hour-long compilation of live performances from Hikki over the past two decades of her groundbreaking career.

The selections were picked by fans on social media in recent weeks, and compiled in Reverse Warholian Chronological Expedition order, beginning with “Anata” and “Too Proud” from the 2018 Laughter in the Dark Tour (on Netflix now!), and zooming all the way back to 1999’s Luv Live with a good ol’ “Automatic” moment.

The set comes with a few more surprising deep cut choices including, incredibly, “Kremlin Dusk” from the jaw-dropping Exodus section of 2006’s Utada United in crystal-clear HD quality. (Can we Fan Demand the whole tour to drop on streaming next, pretty please?)

Going back even deeper and deeper, there’s “Deep River” from Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004: Hikaru no 5, as well as “In My Room” from 2000’s Bohemian Summer. And if you’re in it for the long haul until the end, you’ve still got more time. Literally: they’ve tacked the “Time” music video to the tail-end of the compilation, because why not?

Although there are obviously many more performances that could just have easily made the cut, it’s nice to see this somewhat not-so-obvious array of performances, featuring some lesser-known gems as opposed to only the most obvious, career-defining singles.

Watch it now while you’ve still got time (it’s only going to be available for a month, apparently), and check out the timestamps, put together by sweet YouTube user TEN -HIKKI.

Laughter in the Dark Tour (2018)
04:58『Too Proud』

WILD LIFE (2010)
09:50『Goodbye Happiness』
16:00『Stay Gold』

21:44『This is Love』
26:29『Kremlin Dusk』

ヒカルの5 (2004)
37:06『Deep River』

47:46『In My Room』

LUV LIVE (1999)

57:43『Time』MUSIC VIDEO

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