Yellow Jumpsuits

And here I was, thinking Kumi had been reforming her ways. As leader of the Coalition of All Things Asian, Smutty, & Slutty (CATASS for short), Koda Kumi is known for being atrociously over-sexualized in her videos. Whether it's giggling her fun bags, caressing her lady area, or utilizing a bottle in a particularly clever way, she always seems to keep it classy. And use whatever it takes to distract the viewer from the actual quality of the song. I like her integrity. The new PV for "Under" has just surfaced, and while it's a bit too boring (why is she not nude here, director?), the song is nice bit of downbeat hip-hop. Most people dislike her, so proceed cautiously.

DL: Koda Kumi - Under

And just for kicks, I defy you not to watch this clip for hours at a time. Note the resourceful way in which Kumi uses this woman's hand:


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It's A Baby, Part 1?

Congratulations to Nicole Ritchie, who birthed a bouncing baby girl named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. A mouthful, indeed. Totally in right now. Though, Winter Hawlow Madden would have been ten times the hotter name, no? I blame the post-pushing fatigue.

Christina, you're effing up. BIRTH FASTER. Don't make this inconvenient for the press, now.

Picture Source: People Magazine

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Sweet Jesus....

It's the Babypocalypse. According to TMZ, both Christina Aguilera AND Nicole Ritchie are currently heaving and ho'ing it up (see what I did there?) Hollywood is just reproducing in droves, aren't they? Squeeze ladies, squeeze!!! Well, not you Christina, I hear you've scheduled a C-section. Might bust a stitch.

Name guesses anyone?

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Bassmaster 5000

And then there was Basshunter's "Now You're Gone." In natural U.K. fashion, this blandly redundant song is pegged to beat Britney's more genius "Piece of Me" for the #1 chart spot. Despite consisting of only a chorus, repeated endlessly, you'll still want to do that punch-the-air, happy feet dance you always want to do when you hear the techno song playing at the club. Additionally, the single has inexplicably awful artwork, whereas the actual Basshunter is quite a stone fox. Note:

Listen to it if you must:

DL: Basshunter - Now You're Gone

I also JUST realized it's probably meant to be pronounced base hunter. Not bass, like the master of trout. Something to think about.

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No More Leotards.

According to the Madonna Fanzine forums, the shooting for the new single "4 Minutes to Save the World" will be done by Jonas Akerlund in London at the end of the month, featuring collaborators Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Akerland has previously shot videos for "American Life," "Jump," and her latest Confessions Tour.

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A Point For Norway, Yet Again.

You guessed it, further proof that all music released from Norway and Sweden is perfect.

Pegged as the new Britney, Madonna, and reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Annie released her brilliant Anniemal back in 2004 after collaborating with creator of all things pop, Richard X. The album was quite exciting and full of crunchy electro-pop hits, especially the hypnotizing, "Heartbeat" and taunting "Chewing Gum." Even Pitchfork liked it, and you know they hate everything. Sadly, she's been diddling around and doing a whole lot of not releasing follow-up albums, which is pissing me off. However, listening to Anniemal again after nearly a year is almost as exciting. That, and she re-designed the homepage with a drippy new logo after signing with Island Records a few months ago. The Wikipedia says she's releasing her follow-up in spring of 2008, with a new single debut on her Myspace in late January. I seem to have a habit of posting about the stars that never release anything right before they decide to release something.

Anyway, here are some samples to tide yourselves over through this ongoing drought:

DL: Annie - Chewing Gum
DL: Annie - Me Plus One
DL: Annie - Heartbeat (Incorrectly labeled "My Heartbeat" in iTunes.)

Buy the essential Anniemal at Amazon.

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Utada Hikaru - Stay Gold

FINALLY. The HQ version of "Stay Gold," Utada's brilliant new single. Enjoy!

DL: Utada Hikaru - Stay Gold

Don't forget to pre-order Utada's "HEART STATION/Stay Gold" at YesAsia!

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V.B. for Marc Spring collection continues..

Excuse me miss, but are you aware there's a shrubbery growing atop your bob?

Source: BryanBoy

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Daily B: Rather Toned

Though entirely inappropriate considering her current mindset, it's important to note that Britney is still fit:

A bit too Winehouse-in-the-summer for my taste though, y/n? I like my Britney served with meat and a dash of crazy, thanks.

Meanwhile, Piece of Me has hit #2 in the midweeks in the U.K. and #1 in Ireland. No doubt due mainly to my face being on the cover of the fan edition.


EDIT: Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of Beverly Hills:

Oh dear. Really now, this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Source: x17online

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[REVIEW] Temposhark - The Invisible Line

Last week, I received the entire debut album of Temposhark, a U.K. electro-rock band I've spoken about before, to put under review. Read on to hear about Temposhark's album, The Invisible Line:

The album sure starts with a bang of sorts. I'm still not sure what to make of "Don't Mess With Me," the manic, string-filled declaration of dominance devoted to taunting potential foes and maintaining control. It's tongue in cheek and strange, and quite a curious way to begin the album. "Don't mess with me / 'Cause all your heads are gonna roll / I've made your misery my goal / So if you want survival, kneel on my arrival / Cause this is how I rule the world," Rob explodes after the two minute mark. It's daunting and unexpected, but the track plays like a musical soundtrack, rather than a pop record.

In comes "Joy," and I'm in familiar territory. One of my favorites, "Joy" is a juicy stomper on top of delicious synth-electro. Rob's voice is top quality in "Joy," and so is the production. "Blame," another killer track, The lyrics are riddled with proclamations of power and dominance, which makes the arrival of "It's Better To Have Loved," as well as "Winter's Coming" so well received. "It's Better To Have Loved" has been noticeably reworked with a few extra blips in the backtrack, but is otherwise polished to near perfection, while "Not That Big" with Imogen Heap has improved since my initial listen a year ago, profiting from the inclusion of additional vocal acrobatics by Heap.

There are a few missteps; The mid-tempo seductive beat of "Crime" is too similar to "Little White Lie" for my taste. But overall, the musical variety of the album is comforting, especially as the album draws to a close with "Invisible Ink," a minimalist, pensive track, in which Rob slowly coos "Don't leave the world without making them think / Don't leave the world without changing something."

My personal favorite, "Winter's Coming" is a perfect album closer. The song is a strict reversal of sound; anxious breathiness replace Rob's usually confident vocals, making room for a much richer, deeper musical experience, similar to the styling of Darren Hayes, that wins me over in this soaring ballad produced by Guy Sigsworth.

Overall, The Invisible Line is an album that toys with conceptions of contempt and greed, power and longing within the simplest of lyrics and catchiest of melodies. Many of the tracks are fun, chorus-heavy synth-stompers with deliciously sinister hooks, yet there are inklings of a more mature, eclectic sound hidden deep beneath the glossed layers.

Overall Grade: A-

Please remember to buy Temposhark's The Invisible Line at or their official site.

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Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs, Spring '08.

Rather chic, y/n? I love what they've done with her face!

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Someone take away the markers.

I almost forgot, Sia's album Some People Have Real Problems came out two days ago! Unless you downloaded when it leaked about four years ago. Well, not that long, but it was a damn shame that it leaked so early on. Sia is such a mysteriou little talent. You may know her from her work with Zero 7, as the vocalist on some of their tracks. She's got a tortured, complex voice that often resembles the jazzed, undecipherable stylings of Amy Winehouse. She had a bit of a nervous breakdown after the initial success of her first album, but she's brought it back with her second and third albums. This third effort is probably her most melodic and mainstream yet. I found her when I was bawling my eyes out like a little bitch during the series finale of Six Feet Under, when her luscious "Breathe Me" came on, and I suddenly had to know who was singing. It's still my most played Sia track by far, but I realize it's nice to listen to her other tracks sometimes too.

Volume's a bit low on this, sorry. Just a sampler for you all.

DL: Sia - Little Black Sandals

Don't forget to buy Sia's album, Some People Have Real Problems at Amazon!

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